Ms Office- A Complete Solution For Your Personal And Business Needs

The most diversely and commonly used software worldwide is MS Office. Developed by Microsoft Corporation, it includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Each program serves a different purpose and is compatible with other programs included in the package. The suite of programs is compatible with both the Windows and Macintosh operating system.
As per the study shared on, Office 365 has been most successful versions of it all. Some add-ons to the existing version are OneDrive and Skype. Another revolutionary feature is, that it is accessible anywhere, anytime from any computer, a mobile device with internet connection. Users consider its cost advantages and ability to improve the productivity through access to other modes apart from the computer like mobile, as two of the main reasons for its success. Microsoft has chosen the best features from other previous products and launched the most user-friendly and progressive software. Some of the astonishing features include MS Office 365:
1. Co-Authoring of documents – This feature is available for word, excel and powerpoint which enables people to collaborate online, share documents via other office features like sharepoint and do editing while others can see the changes made.
2 Chatting Facility – There is Skype integration available in Microsoft 365. Though this one can communicate, share screens, do audio and video chatting.
3. Inserting hyperlinks to the desired information within the stored files instead of attaching it. Instead of attaching a file, insert the link to the file on your cloud. Outlook grants permission to edit the document to all the people it has been mailed to.
4. OneNote records can be inserted into the outlook calendar which can be assigned to the colleges with reminder and deadlines. Minutes of meeting recorded in OneNote can be easily sent as an email.
5. 6. Sophisticated analytical tools like Power BI. A vital add-on here is Power Map, which is an interactive data visualization option, through which you can turn rows of data into 3D visually attractive power map with options to filter like Range, List or advanced.
7. Converting the file into PDF format has been made easier.
8. Resume reading feature available in MS Word, automatically bookmarks the last point of text read, so that you can resume reading from the same place later.
9. Extended storage space per user of 50GB. Above which the data can be stored in the cloud.
10. With reading pane option in outlook, one can read the preview and hence without opening the complete trailing conversation, can reply to the e-mail. This saves a lot of time.
11. Option to work offline and upload changes in documents and data once you get online. OneDrive facilitates this process so that one can work offline and once you get online, new versions of the document are automatically uploaded.
12. The De-clutter feature in MS Outlook, automatically organize all the emails, with high priority ones on the top, others been cluttered and saved, which can be read later.
As a whole, MS office 365 has increased overall productivity, as now people can collaborate and smoothly share the documents with a counterpart from anywhere in the world.

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